Training reforms: Are you ready?

9 December 2019

Training reforms: Are you ready?

With the implementation of training reforms now imminent, REINSW is on hand to support you with the flexible learning options you need to comply with the new requirements.

Holding a Certificate of Registration for your entire career will no longer be an option. All Certificate holders must complete a Certificate IV qualification and transition to their Real Estate Licence within four years. If you don’t, you’ll lose your Certificate and be excluded from the industry for 12 months.

With the start date for the reforms now set for 23 March 2020, REINSW Training Manager Nerida Wood said it’s time for all agents to start preparing.

Pathways to your Real Estate Licence

“Every agent is different, with different skills, knowledge and experience,” Nerida explained. “That’s why REINSW has created five different learning pathways to gain your Real Estate Licence – and each pathway has been designed to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience.

“Agents can learn in the classroom, complete training online or do a mixture of both to complete the units required to gain their qualification.”

Nerida said agents can also undertake Recognition of Prior Learning.

“By documenting your skills and knowledge, and providing evidence of the experience you’ve gain throughout your career, you can potentially reduce the amount of training you need to undertake to attain your qualification to apply for a Real Estate Licence.”

For those newer to the industry, undertaking a traineeship is also an option, Nerida explained, allowing you to gain valuable on-the-job experience.

Pick your time

Finding time to do training in an already busy work week can be difficult. That’s why REINSW is extending its training program, so courses are available at a range of suitable times.

“We understand it can be hard for agents to attend training during business hours,” Nerida said. “Not everyone can take time off during the day. So we’re also running the courses agents need to build to their Real Estate Licence in the evenings and on weekends.

“This means you can attend at a time that suits you.”

REINSW is here to help

Nerida said that agents need to understand the impact of the training reforms and take action.

“It’s vitally important for everyone in the industry to ensure they’re on track to comply with the reforms,” she said.

“We’re here to support you every step of the way.”

Focused training courses

Recognising the ever-changing work requirements of our industry, REINSW is preparing to roll out a series of new courses in 2020.

Following the release of a new Real Estate Training Package setting out training requirements for real estate qualifications across Australia, REINSW is expanding the range of specialist courses it has on offer.

“The new package provides for more robust qualifications for our industry, which is a really positive step forward” REINSW Training Manager Nerida Wood said.

“Importantly, for the first time, the package recognises the specialist skills required to carry out particular real estate roles.”

By way of example, Nerida pointed to the expanded units of competency the new package sets out for auctioneers, buyers’ agents, and commercial sales and leasing agents.

“This is a real win for our industry,” she said. “It recognises the knowledge and skills that agents need to operate professionally and effectively in these roles. It also provides us with the framework to create new courses that are more suited to the ever-changing work requirements of our industry, now and into the future.”

While Fair Trading is yet to advise how the new units of competency will be incorporated into the qualifications structure in New South Wales, Nerida explained that REINSW is already creating new course content.

“We know that agents are looking for courses tailored to their chosen field of specialisation,” she said. “From the start of 2020, we’ll be rolling out a series of new courses for auctioneers, buyers’ agents, commercial sales and leasing agents, and commercial property managers.

“More details will be available very soon, so watch this space.”

What will REINSW’s new courses cover?

The following units of competency are now included in the Real Estate Training Package and will be incorporated into REINSW’s new courses.


  • CPPREP4161 – Undertake pre-auction processes
  • CPPREP4162 – Conduct and complete sale by auction
  • CPPREP4163 – Complete post-auction process and contract execution

Buyers’ agents

  • CPPREP4171 – Represent buyer in sales process
  • CPPREP4172 – Develop and promote property industry knowledge
  • CPPREP4173 – Complete purchase of property as buyers’ agent

Commercial sales and leasing agents

  • CPPREP4102 – Market property
  • CPPREP4201 – Appraise commercial property
  • CPPREP4202 – Establish and maintain vendor and lessor relationships and networks
  • CPPREP4203 – Complete commercial property sale
  • CPPREP4204 – Establish commercial property lease
  • CPPREP5201 – Develop and maintain commercial property market intelligence

 Commercial property managers

  • CPPREP4231 – Manage commercial property maintenance
  • CPPREP4232 – Manage commercial property financial reports
  • CPPREP4233 – Manage lessee relationships
  • CPPREP4234 – Manage lessor relationships
  • CPPREP4235 – End commercial property lease

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* This training is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.
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