Real Estate CPD Requirements

All real estate agents regardless of your registration will need to complete some sort of Continual Professional Development (CPD) each year as outlined by NSW Fair Trading as of 31 July 2023.

CPD stands for Continual Professional Development. As mentioned above, NSW Fair trading requires all real estate industry professionals to complete a form of professional development training each year. This helps all licence and certificate holders stay on top of industry trends, regulations and take their careers further.

CPD timeframe is the following:

23rd of March

22nd of March the following year

Can CPD be carried over?

No, CPD hours must be collected within the required timeframe as indicated above. Additional CPD hours completed cannot be carried over to the next CPD year.

Real Estate CPD Requirements: 2023 – 2024 CPD Year

Class One and Two Agents - Option One


Complete a minimum of 4 hours of compulsory topics that consists of three (3) different topics via face-to-face learning with no more than 40 attendees or an interactive webinar with no more then 25 attendees.


Maintain records for 3 years for audit requirements

Class One and Two Agents - Option Two


Complete 10 hours of online learning that consists of a minimum of three (3) compulsory topics with the elective topics chosen to complete the remainder hours required. 


Maintain records for 3 years for audit requirements

Real Estate CPD Requirements: 2023 – 2024 CPD Year

Dual Licence Holders

A dual licence holder being either Strata Management or Stock and Station Class 1 or 2 agents must complete additional CPD requirements as outlined below:


Complete the required minimum of 4 hours of compulsory topics via face-to face learning or 10 hours online real estate CPD training as outlined above 


Complete an additional three (3) compulsory topics that are relevant to the dual licence category (Strata management or Stock and Station)

Important: The following licence categories are not considered to be dual licence:

  1. Auctioneering
  2. Buyer’s Agent
  3. Property Management
  4. Commercial
  5. Business Broker

Principals - Additional Requirements

In addition to the CPD framework changes, the Supervision Guidelines will be amended requiring Licensees in Charge to prepare and maintain a training plan of all agents under their supervision, outlining their CPD requirements.

A training plan can be found here by clicking the link below.



NSW Fair Trading - Training Plan Template
(Microsoft Word Document)

Real Estate CPD Requirements: 2023 – 2024 CPD Year

Assistant Agents


Complete 3 Units of Competency from the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate. View our bundled CPD Courses for Assistant Agents.


Maintain records for 3 years for audit requirements

What are the benefits of real estate CPD?

While compulsory CPD training isn’t optional in the real estate industry, its benefits are much greater than simply ticking a box. Continual professional development is something that shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but rather, an opportunity. The most successful people in any industry are those who have a thirst for learning. CPD courses are extremely varied, offering something for all agents.

Whether you work in the inner city or you’re a stock and station agent, there’s always something new to learn. NSW Fair Trading recommends a number of courses through a registered training organisation, so let’s look at some of the benefits.

Keep up to date with industry trends

It’s important to keep your compulsory topic relevant to your role. For example, if you’re a stock and station agent you’ll want to keep abreast of rural property trends. If you’re a city real estate agent or an assistant agent, there are plenty of industry trends you should be aware of, too. When it comes down to it, actively keeping on top of emerging trends is the best way for you to build a successful career.

Real estate courses are terrific for understanding the basic and requirements of the industry. But if you really want to grow your career and work for the best real estate practice, continuing professional development is a great place to start.

Increase earning potential

Provided you keep your compulsory topics relevant, there is plenty to be gained from online training. Depending on which certificate category you hold, you can increase your earning potential through a CPD course. As a real estate registration holder, you can choose the elective topics to complete your required hours of CPD. Whether you want to learn more about unforeseen rental terminations, rental bonds, supervision guidelines or anything else to boost your real estate career, you’re in control.

Expanding your knowledge through real estate CPD training can increase your earning potential. You can study more than one category of topics, so you can learn how to manage a business sale, while doing other training in an interactive environment to learn what challenges property managers face. With more knowledge and skills come more job opportunities and potential for success.  

Stay aware of changing real estate regulations

Like any industry, real estate is not immune from regulatory changes. CPD courses can help you stay up to date with changing rules and regulations in the industry. An approved CPD provider or registered training organisation are the best place to find courses from which all licensed agents can benefit.

When laws and industry best practices change, employed agents and all other professionals, from the property manager to assistant real estate agent, should fully understand the changes. This helps them meet real estate industry requirements and provide accurate advice every time.

Control your own real estate career

Continuing professional development isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s about building your real estate career the way you want it. There’s no telling what you could learn about during real estate CPD. You could end up pursuing a dual licence. You might want to learn more about real estate audit requirements. Perhaps you’re interested in what property and stock agents do.

Ultimately, it’s all about the successful completion of the compulsory CPD topics you find most relevant. From station agents to real estate all-rounders, everybody can learn something valuable during compulsory CPD. In fact, CPD training could be the kickstart that your real estate career needs.

Networking opportunities

Most people own a house or know somebody who does. That means for real estate licence and certificate holders, the whole world is one big networking event. Any time you attend training or participate in group activities, you can meet influential people. Whether it’s a chance to dig up more property leads or connect with people who can advance your career, there’s never a bad time to attend real estate training.

Meeting licensing requirements

As we mentioned, NSW Fair Trading requires all real estate licence and certificate holders to complete compulsory CPD training each year. While you do have some flexibility in choosing your compulsory CPD topics, you don’t have the option to skip training. So, perhaps the best benefit of all is that continuing professional development helps you keep your real estate license.